10 April, 2021

In a Just World, He’d Get His Company Back, But That’s Probably Not Going To Happen

Unsealed recordings capture corporate discussion to portray Papa John's founder as 'racist' | Just The News

In the newly unsealed 2018 call with public relations firm Laundry Service, Schnatter discussed efforts to manage his public image as a major representative of the company. At one point near the end of the call, he complained about what he said was a double standard afforded to another fast food magnate, Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Colonel Harland Sanders.

"What bothers me," Schnatter said during the call, "is Colonel Sanders called blacks 'n------.' I'm like, I've never used that word ... Yet we use the word debacle and we get framed in the same genre. It's crazy. The whole thing's crazy."

I don’t even like his pizza, but again, I believe in freedom of speech and in treating people fairly and honestly. I hope he gets whatever he’s suing for and more.

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