11 April, 2021

This Exposes One Of The Many Problems With Big Tech Censorship

When the people doing the censoring on a topic know less than the people they’re censoring.

Twitter censors CDC advisor and Harvard Medical School professor, Martin Kulldorff (reclaimthenet.org)

But now that Kulldorff has expressed his misgivings around the idea that children and youth must also be inoculated against Covid, this Harvard professor is facing Twitter censorship.

Kulldorff’s real life credentials appear hard to beat: 25,000 academic citations to date on infectious diseases topics that are his expertise, in addition to his Harvard role, and the one as the Brigham and Women’s Hospital epidemiologist and biostatistician.

Huh. Sounds like his opinion might have some value, and that he has the knowledge to back it up.

Unlike Twitter.

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