12 April, 2021

CBS News Zooms Past Bias And Moves Straight To Advocacy

Of course, these are the people who brought you “Rathergate”.

CBS Tells Companies How To ‘Help Fight’ Georgia’s New Voting Law, Spreads Misinformation | The Daily Wire

CBS News, in a tweet pushing what was supposed to be a straight news story, promoted an article as an explainer for how “companies can help fight Georgia’s restrictive new voting law.”

This was a tweet for a straight news story.

A straight news story that can’t even get the story straight.

CBS falsely presents Georgia’s new voting reform, claiming the bill contains “a measure that requires voters to present a photo ID when voting by mail.” This is untrue. The bill requires people to list their driver’s license or state voting card number on their absentee ballot.

*sigh* This is what passes for “news” today.

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