14 April, 2021

Two More Cages For The Kids

Feds Open Two More Unaccompanied Migrant Child Detention Centers in West Texas (breitbart.com)

Preident Joe Biden (D-USA) needs to take care of this. He needs to take care of it now. If he can’t, he needs to resign.

I’m trying to think of something worse than this that has happened in my lifetime, where Presidential action or inaction made it possible.

The only thing I can come up with is the Vietnam War. LBJ and Nixon could have and should have done more much sooner to fix the problems there. They didn’t.

This is the only thing that I can think of that compares, and it could quickly get worse than Vietnam was ever even rumored to be.

Continuing a recent trend, Health and Human Services (HHS) announced the opening of two more Emergency Intake Sites (EIS) to hold unaccompanied children out of Customs and Border Protection custody.

The move mirrors recent announcements by HHS to address the surge in unaccompanied child migrants (UACs) at the southern border.

New EIS facilities will be located at two existing sites in Dimmit and Pecos Counties, Texas. The sites add capacity to receive another 2,440 minors from Border Patrol facilities. The first UACs began arriving April 5.

Ugh. Stop the ride. I want to get off.

You voted for this.


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