12 April, 2021

Yes, Overall I’d Have To Say That I’m Opposed

Poll: Fewer than half of likely voters support vaccine passports | One America News Network (oann.com)

I understand the desire, but this slope is so slippery it might as well be frictionless.

A new poll indicated a majority of Americans do not believe vaccine passports are a good idea.

The survey released on Thursday from Rasmussen asked if requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination to return to pre-pandemic activities was a good or bad idea. A mere 44 percent of likely voters said it was a good idea, with 57 percent of Democrats supporting vaccine passports and 33 percent of Republicans.

If they can require I have a vaccine before doing something, what else can they require? That I’ve renounced gun ownership? The I’m vegan? That I’m a card carrying dues payer to the Democratic Party?

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