17 April, 2021

Biden Said the D.C. Riots Would Have Been Handled Differently If The Perpetrators Were Black—He’s Absolutely Right

WALSH: Ashli Babbitt Was Killed By Capitol Police On January 6. They Still Won’t Tell Us Who Did It Or Why. | The Daily Wire

If Ashli Babbitt had been a Person of Color, we would have had this information within days of the January 6 riot, probably hours.It has been three months and we still don’t know. Compare with the shooting of Daunte Wright.

Less than a day after armed robbery suspect Daunte Wright was shot by police, the name of the police officer who pulled the trigger was publicly released. A short time later, her address was leaked. Now her home is surrounded by concrete barricades, metal fencing, and armed police guards, in hopes of preventing the violent mob from burning it to the ground. This is generally how things have played out for all of the high-profile police shootings in recent memory. All except one.

It was announced yesterday by the DOJ that the officer who shot Ashli Babbitt, one of the pro-Trump rioters at the Capitol on January 6th, will not be charged in her death.

We don’t know who the shooter was. It looks like we’ll never know. And he won’t be charged with anything.

They couldn’t get away with this if Babbitt were Black. We’d have riots in the streets every day until the information was released and until the shooter was charged.

Note I corrected some errors in the original text in this next quoted bit.

[Four Three] months later, and we know absolutely nothing about the federal officer who shot an unarmed woman in the Capitol. It took one day to find out who shot Daunte Wright and where she lives. But more than [120 100] days after Babbitt’s killing, and we know as much about the shooter as we did the moment after he pulled the trigger.

I hope Babbitt’s family sues for this information and for retribution for their grievances.

Oddly, we have had no additional riots over this event, despite it being three months ago and we still don’t know anything.

President Joe Biden (D-USA) was right. This would have been handled completely differently if Babbitt was a Person of Color.

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