14 April, 2021

This May Be The ONE Thing That Biden Does Right In His Time In Office

Biden Not Considering Boycotting Beijing Olympics, Despite China Issues, After Supporting MLB Boycott | The Daily Wire

I know some conservatives think that we should do this, but I’ll stick to my principles. I’ve said for most of my life that President Jimmy Carter’s (D-USA) pulling out of the Moscow Games in 1980 was incredibly stupid.

I’m not going to change my mind on that just because a new Democrat is in the White House.

The Biden administration said Tuesday evening that their position on the upcoming 2022 Olympics in Beijing “has not changed” and that they have not discussed any boycotts.

The State Department issued a statement saying it was not considering a boycott after spokesman Ned Price suggested earlier in the day that one was possible in response to China’s human rights abuses.

The only victims of a boycott would be the American athletes who have trained their entire lives for this moment. China won’t suffer by us not being there. In fact, they’ll likely pick up a lot more medals. And they won’t have to deal with the American press nearly as much. It’s a total win for them and a total loss for us.

No, no, no, a thousand times no.

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