12 April, 2021

“YouTube Has Come For Rebel News”

YouTube demonetizes Rebel News (reclaimthenet.org)

“YouTube has come for Rebel News,” Levant said when breaking the news of the demonetization. “They’re completely cancelling all remaining ads on our channel, even from advertisers who specifically request our channel.”

“Worse, they’re banning our 1.45 million YouTube subscribers from voluntarily paying us through what are called livestream SuperChats,” he added.

According to Levant, the move by YouTube will cost the outlet “about $400,000 a year.” The only way to get back into YouTube’s ads program is to “stop criticizing the lockdown” and “reapply in thirty days.”

“We have to stop saying what we say. We have to say what they say,” Levant said, as he explored the options his news outlet has going forward.

If you dare to disagree with the narrative, you must be silenced.

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