17 April, 2021

The Left Doesn’t Care About Misinformation—They Care About Losing Their Stranglehold On It

This was huge news at the time. But just one more drop in the bucket of fake news about the President.

U.S. Officials Walk Back Claim that Russia Paid Bounties – PJ Media

There’s no excuse for the Times running this story. Will anyone hold them to account?

According to the officials on Thursday’s call, the reporting about the alleged “bounties” came from “detainee reporting” – raising the specter that someone told their U.S.-aligned Afghan jailers what they thought was necessary to get out of a cage. Specifically, the official cited “information and evidence of connections to criminal agents in Afghanistan and elements of the Russian government” as sources for the intelligence community’s assessment.

Without additional corroboration, such reporting is notoriously unreliable.

Obviously, the Times didn’t get “additional corroboration.” They saw a juicy anti-Trump story and ran it without checking it.

“All the news that’s fit to fake.”

Oh, that #FakeNews.

There’s a reason President Donald Trump referred to you as “enemies of the people.”

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