17 April, 2021

Social Distancing and Masks Can’t Last Forever

CDC: Just 5,800 known "breakthrough" COVID infections in more than 66 million fully vaccinated people so far – HotAir

These so-called breakthrough cases, which are defined as positive Covid-19 test results received at least two weeks after patients receive their final vaccine dose, represent 0.008% of the fully vaccinated population

And yet, you’re still not allowed out without a mask. The China Virus hysteria has gone on long enough. It’s time to end it. I think it will end on its own. I think people are sick and tired of social distancing and mask wearing, and they see the numbers daily on increasing vaccinations, and they are going to say in one collective voice “enough”. And that will be it.

I predict this happens by Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer.

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