15 April, 2021

This Is Incredibly Arrogant On the Part Of Facebook

Facebook will not notify the 500 million users affected by the latest data breach – Neowin

This part I understand.

Facebook has now confirmed that the company will not notify half a billion users who were affected by the leak. In a statement to Reuters, a Facebook spokesperson noted that the social media giant was not confident "it had full visibility on which users would need to be notified".

The law requires companies to notify their users if they’ve been affected by a breach, but only if they can actually be notified. This was a phone number breach, and it might be nearly impossible for Facebook to call 500 million people. Even if they could find an automated way to do it, the costs would be mind-boggling.

But the rest of the statement from Facebook shows why this company needs to be destroyed. Not broken up into pieces, but dismantled completely.

Furthermore, the Facebook spokesperson said that the data is out and there is nothing that users can do now.

Yes, that’s true of all breaches. Imagine it Citibank said the same thing. “Yeah, these credit card numbers have all been leaked, but no point in notifying anyone. The data is out there. Nothing we can do about it now.”

Pretty sure our collective minds would explode. But that’s exactly what Facebook is saying.

And it doesn’t get much better from there.

Moreover, on Tuesday, Facebook's Product Management Director Mike Clark wrote an article about the whole ordeal. In the article, Clark tried to downplay the breach by noting that it happened in 2019 and that the issue has since been fixed. Furthermore, he also said that "scraping data using features meant to help people violates our terms"

It happened over a year ago and the issue that allowed it to happen has been fixed. Great. I’m sure that’s very comforting to the 500 million people to know that Facebook won’t let this happen again.

It’s just as comforting to know that the data breach violated their terms of service. You know. I’m appalled at that. How dare hackers violate Facebook’s TOS? I can’t believe that didn’t stop them.

Seriously? That’s the argument you’re making?

Chew them up. Spit out the bones.

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