26 October, 2021

Eventually They’ll Censor Everyone Except the Left-Wing Governments

UK MP David Davis blasts YouTube for censoring his speech against vaccine passports (reclaimthenet.org)

UK Member of Parliament (MP) David Davis has slammed YouTube for its temporary removal of a speech where he spoke out against vaccine passports and discussed the importance of freedom.

The video, which is titled “‘Vaccine passports, a solution looking for a problem’ – David Davis MP,” was a recording of a speech Davis gave at a recent event hosted by civil liberties group Big Brother Watch during the UK Conservative Party Conference 2021.

In the speech, Davis described freedom as “the principal reason that the United Kingdom has had a long and illustrious history.” He also took aim at vaccine passports and described them as something where “there’s no greater current example of this current disregard for our freedom.”

Well, you can’t just have people saying that sort of thing. Someone might hear and see them and get the wrong sorts of ideas.

Fortunately, YouTube put a stop to that right away.

But shortly after the video was uploaded to Big Brother Watch’s YouTube channel, the tech giant took it down.

Freedom of speech. Freedom of ideas. They don’t exist in the internet.

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