26 October, 2021

It’s All DeSantis’s Fault

Well, this time it is, actually.

Florida Rate Of COVID Infections Third Lowest In U.S. In Last Week | The Daily Wire

Huh. I thought he was killing everyone. That’s what the Left says.

As the summer season has ended, and the hot temperatures start to subside across Southern states, encouraging more people to be outside rather than inside together in the air-conditioning, the rate of COVID-19 infections in Florida has plunged so rapidly that it has the third-fasted descent in rates of cases in the nation over the last two weeks, trailing only Alabama and Hawaii.

According to The New York Times chart on Thursday, Florida’s case rate per 100,000 people over the last week was 13, third only behind Connecticut and Hawaii, which both have a rate of 11 cases per 100,000.

Florida’s 14-day change rate plunged 48%, while Alabama’s fell 61% and Hawaii’s fell 51%. Notably, states farther north were found at the other end of the spectrum, including Colorado, where the rate rose 32%, Vermont, 27%, Michigan, 26%, and Minnesota, 22%.

Keep it up, Ron.

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