26 October, 2021

And There’s a Reason Why Articles Like This Are on ”CyberScoop” and Not The New York Times

A former top US election official urges sweeping security improvements, warning 'democracy is in trouble' – CyberScoop

And not because it’s a lunatic conspiracy theory. It’s because the NYT wants to bury any talk of even potential election fraud. The only thing they want to talk about related to elections and voting is Republican “voter suppression” efforts. Yes, Republicans to want to suppress votes. They don’t want dead people to vote. They don’t want people from out of state to vote. They don’t want people to vote in multiple districts. And they don’t want people to vote twice in the same district. And they don’t want computers tinkering with the results, creating votes out of nothing or changing ballots.

To the Democrats, this is ‘voter suppression”. To Republicans this is “election integrity”.

You choose which side you want to be on. Only one side is for freedom and fair elections, though.

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