25 October, 2021

This Would Destroy a Republican President, but No One in the MSM Is Willing to Touch Hunter Biden

New Emails Suggest Shared Bank Account with Hunter and Joe Biden, Big Guy May Have Funded Hunter’s Illegal Binge (lifezette.com)

If new reports are true, the “Big Guy” Joe Biden could get entangled in an FBI investigation that continues to look into his drug addict son, Hunter Biden.  Certainly there was already some level of involvement given his role as Hunter’s father, and the very public accusations that connect Hunter’s nefarious activities with Joe, but this could escalate things to a new level.

New information from Hunter’s infamous laptop indicates that Joe and his son may have shared a bank account and help pay each other’s bills, along with other questionable activity.


Of more significance than Hunter acting like Hunter though and the possibility that Joe supported it, are the communications that show how the two, and their tax attorney, worked to pass money and ensure the family was financially protected by any means necessary. In fact, several experts who have seen the emails and trails of financial connections say that there is a clear case for money laundering, something both the FBI and IRS are allegedly investigating.

Double yikes.

Why isn’t this front page news every day? Oh yes. I mentioned it in the title. The MSM won’t touch Hunter Biden. Not until and unless they’re forced to. No one is forcing them yet.

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