27 October, 2021

Hmmm...I’m Gonna Say ”No”

Ariz. Attorney General Brnovich: DOJ must probe Facebook over posts with instructions how to violate U.S.-Mexico border | One America News Network (oann.com)

That’s the thing about believing in freedom of speech. You can’t just believe in it when it benefits your side.

So, I’m on Facebook’s side on this one. I’m always on the free speech side of things. This is not a criminal act by Facebook.

No, I don’t buy that. Facebook (as far as I know) isn’t actively encouraging anything. They just aren’t doing anything to stop people from posting things like this. This seems correct to me. Now, if Facebook was deliberately encouraging people to write such things, or deliberately promoting such pieces so they’d be easily visible and searchable by users, that would be a different thing.

But the AG doesn’t appear to be claiming that.

So, while I don’t like those posts being out there, I think freedom of speech wins.

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