24 October, 2021

Be Careful. Republicans Are ”Seizing” Again.

McConnell seizes on debt standoff to undermine Biden agenda (apnews.com)

WASHINGTON (AP) — In the frantic bid to avert a default on the nation’s debt, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell held a position of unusual power — as the one who orchestrated both the problem and the solution.

McConnell is no longer the majority leader, but he is exerting his minority status in convoluted and uncharted ways, all in an effort to stop President Joe Biden’s domestic agenda and even if doing so pushes the country toward grave economic uncertainty.

All said, the outcome of this debt crisis leaves zero confidence there won’t be a next one. In fact, McConnell engineered an end to the standoff that ensures Congress will be in the same spot in December when funding to pay America’s bills next runs out. That means another potentially devastating debt showdown, all as the COVID-19 crisis lingers and the economy struggles to recover.

Notice how the AP does this. The Democrats control the White House, and both Chambers of Congress. They can’t get the debt ceiling raised, and it’s not the fault of any Democrats, but instead the fault of one man, a Republican, Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY). This is nonsense.

Whenever you read or hear about Republicans “seizing” or “pouncing”, you know that the Democrats have screwed up, and the media is trying to distract you from it by talking about what the Republicans are doing.

Media Bias 101.

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