24 October, 2021

He Says It Because It’s True

Sen. Ron Johnson Says Lives Are Being Lost Due to Big Tech Censorship of Conservatives (theepochtimes.com)

As an example of such censorship, Johnson said an impassioned opening statement of testimony by Dr. Pierre Kory on the treatment potential of ivermectin received 8 million views before it was censored by YouTube.

“Now we are dealing with censorship regarding the benefits of natural immunity because for whatever reason the powers that be, the COVID gods, want the vaccine in every arm,” Johnson said.

“So they are censoring the deaths [following vaccination] being reported on VAERS, over 16,000, at least 5,200 of those are within day one or two, and 750,000 adverse events, and nobody can talk about it,” he said. “This is affecting our healthcare system, it’s affecting doctors ability to save lives, we don’t know how many thousands of people lost their lives because of this censorship.”

Social media doesn’t have the right to just decide which side is right and which side is wrong, and then shut down those that they’ve decided are wrong. That’s not how scientific debate works. That’s not how freedom of speech works. That’s how tyranny works.

Welcome to Biden’s America.

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