26 October, 2021

Joe Rogan Rips CNN a New One

Joe Rogan Grills CNN’s Sanjay Gupta: Does It Bother You ‘That Your News Network Lies?’ | The Daily Wire

Watch the video.

Give credit to Gupta. He came on Rogan’s show and he had to know he was going to be attacked. He sat there and took it, and even agreed that his network did not cover themselves with glory for telling people that he was taking “horse de-wormer” for his China virus infection.

Here’s  small excerpt, and probably not even the best one.

ROGAN: No, no, no. You have, before we get to that, does it bother you that the news network you work for out and out lied? Just outright lied about me taking horse dewormer.

GUPTA: They shouldn’t have said that.

ROGAN: Why did they do that?

GUPTA: I don’t know.

ROGAN: You didn’t ask? You’re the medical guy over there.

GUPTA: I didn’t ask. I should’ve asked before [inaudible]–

ROGAN: But they did it with such glee–

GUPTA: No, no.

ROGAN: Yes they did. I watched.

Gupta can’t defend it. He knows it’s wrong, but can’t quite bite the hand that feeds him. Still, he’s obviously uncomfortable, and he should be. His employer lied. That’s bad for any employer, but his employer is a new organization. if they feel like they can lie about something like this, what else might they be tempted to lie to us about?

How can anyone trust CNN?

Answer? You shouldn’t. You’re being foolish if you do.


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