24 October, 2021

They Come for Everyone Eventually. No One Is Perfect Enough to Live up to Their Standards.

Rolling Stone Is Trying to Cancel Eric Clapton – PJ Media

Eric Clapton?? There are few celebrities to the left of Clapton. He’s been a liberal hero for longer than I’ve been alive.

Heh. The lead sentence of the article echoes me.

Eric Clapton has been a rock legend for longer than I have been alive. He’s an icon in the music industry who has earned respect and admiration from millions over his career. But he’s been making headlines this year for other reasons.

Since having a severe negative reaction to the AstraZeneca vaccine earlier this year, he’s become an outspoken opponent of the COVID vaccines. He has promised not to perform in venues with vaccine mandates, collaborated with Van Morrison on some anti-vaccine/anti-lockdowns songs, and even bankrolled an anti-vaccine rock group.

And his recent outspokenness as a vaccine skeptic has many of the cultural gatekeepers looking to have him canceled. Rolling Stone magazine has even run a lengthy hit piece on Clapton that blasts his vaccine skepticism.

Uh oh. He spoke out against the vaccines. That’s a big no-no. Huge.

So, the knives come out.

“It’s a shame that this is the way that a lot of young Rolling Stone readers are going to read about him for the first time,” says Bill Oakes, who ran Clapton’s label in the 1970s. “He is one of the greats, and this is how he makes the headlines in his dotage.”

It must be tough for young Rolling Stone readers to learn about a rock legend who isn’t afraid to speak his mind against the rowdy mob of COVID zealots.

I’m so old I remember when rock was all about being outspoken, speaking out against the tyranny of government control.

What happened?

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