27 October, 2021

Reliable Sources Say This Never Happens

Former South Philly Judge of Elections Charged in Massive 4-Year Voter Fraud Scheme (ijr.com)

How many times have we been told that there is no voter fraud?

According to Philadelphia magazine, Marie Beren, 67, faces federal charges for participating in a voter fraud scheme from 2015-2019. The outlet said Beren faces four charges related to voter fraud, one of which is conspiracy.

At the time of the charges, Beren was serving as a staffer for Philadelphia City Councilmember Mark Squilla. However, she has previously served in plenty of other political roles in the city.

Prosecutors said Beren and an unidentified “consultant” were involved in the voter fraud conspiracy. The complaint alleges the consultant “exercised influence and control in Philadelphia’s 39th Ward by distributing cash payments and supporting family, friends and allies for elective office in the 39th Ward, and installing Ward Leaders, Judges of Elections, and Democratic State Committee.”

I’m sure it’s all an innocent misunderstanding.

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