25 October, 2021

When You’re a Democrat President and You’ve Lost The Atlantic

Supply Chain Disruption Update for October 11, 2021 « Lawrence Person's BattleSwarm Blog

Supply chain problems have gotten so bad that Derek Thompson at The Atlantic deigns to notice them:

The coronavirus pandemic has snarled global supply chains in several ways. Pandemic checks sent hundreds of billions of dollars to cabin-fevered Americans during a fallow period in the service sector.

Not good. But wait. It gets worse.

  • Expecting these problems to be transitory? Dubai’s largest port operator says to expect supply chain problems to extend in 2023.
  • Adding to shipping woes: Marine fuel is at a seven year high.
  • India institutes rolling blackouts over a coal shortage.
  • Brazil is also having to import more natural gas.
  • Energy problems are only expected to get worse:
  • There’s also panic buying to secure winter supplies, especially in China, where “the central government there has given state-owned energy companies a directive to secure winter energy supplies at any and all costs.”
  • Steel and roofing supplies are also facing shortages.
  • Also in short supply: HVAC parts:
  • Even oats, the lowly horse and breakfast food, is hitting all-time highs.
  • Retailers say they’re getting ready for a lot of bare shelves.
  • That’s one reason big retailers like Walmart are chartering their own vessels. (Hat tip: Director Blue.)
  • There’s even a backup for ships to unload at the Port of Houston:
  • Why does UK have a truck driver shortage? Evidently they get treated like garbage compared to European driver
  • Much more at the link.

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