27 October, 2021

It May Be a New Low, but It’s Not Surprising. This Is Who They Are.

Leftists Celebrating Conservatives Who Die of COVID-19 Is a New Low (dailysignal.com)

So, this is a pleasant subreddit:

As I said, this is who they are.

The average post starts with a myriad of the deceased’s social media commentary rejecting the leftist orthodoxy regarding COVID-19. Next comes a screenshot describing how the person has contracted the disease and is starting to feel the symptoms. One final image at the end of each macabre slideshow informs the reader that the person has died. 

Sickeningly, posters aren’t finding strangers to ridicule. The derided COVID-19 victims often come from the poster’s own circle of friends or social connections.

This is the tolerant left. This is who you allied yourself with when you voted for Biden. I hope you’re proud.

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