26 October, 2021

Why Doesn’t YouTube Want You to Know About Rape?

‘This Is Terrifying’: YouTube Suspends Steven Crowder For ‘Hate Speech,’ Covering ‘Transgender Community In An Offensive Manner’ | The Daily Wire

YouTube told The Daily Wire in a statement: “We removed content from and issued a strike to the StevenCrowder channel for violating our hate speech policy, through repeated targeting of the LGBTQ+ community. Hate speech is not allowed on YouTube, and in some cases, we remove content or issue other penalties–such as a strike–when a creator repeatedly targets, insults and abuses a protected group based on attributes such as sexual orientation or gender identity and expression across multiple uploads.”

Crowder responded on Twitter Wednesday: “A hard strike from YouTube and Wow… this is terrifying. We covered SPECIFIC, documented instances of rape. @YouTube says not allowed. All parents should take note. If you believe in the insane notion of biological sex, you will be silenced.”

You can’t handle the truth. They ordered the Code Red.

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