23 October, 2021

Buttigieg Has No Qualifications for the Job. He Is an Affirmative Action Hire.

The Supply Chain is Collapsing. Big Sh*tstorm Coming. Where is Transportation Sec. Pete Buttigieg? (lifezette.com)

This does seem like an issue for the Secretary of Transportation.

As ports get backed up in California, New York, New Jersey and Georgia, leaving shelves empty and products on backorder for months, where in the world is our great and competent Secretary of Transportation, Mr. Pete Buttigieg?

That would be the great Pete Buttigieg who was nominated for the position because he was gay, not because he had transportation experience or was competent in any shape, matter or form.

Even leftist Slate Magazine said he was a disastrous nominee (my words not theirs). In THEIR words they said, “Is Pete Buttigieg the most deserving person for this job? Emphatically not. Does he know the most about transit? I’m not even sure he knows the most about transit among former Slate bloggers.”


We’re stuck with missing products, higher prices and a complete FUBAR of the government’s making. As the Atlantic admits, “America is running out of everything.”

Can you imagine this happening if Donald Trump (R-USA) was President? Put aside your hatred of him for the moment. Do you really think he’d allow commerce to come to a screeching halt in the United States? Trump? If that thought entered your mind for more than a millisecond, you’re completely nuts.

Thank God we got rid of him, though.

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