23 October, 2021

Pretty Soon All the Wealth and Power Will Be In the Red States

Tesla is moving its headquarters to Austin, Texas - The Verge

Musk had previously threatened to pull Tesla’s entire operations out of California in 2020, because of how vehemently he disagreed with the shelter-in-place orders the state used to help keep people safe early in the coronavirus pandemic. Tesla even sued the county that the company’s California factory is in as a form of protest.

Musk himself moved to Texas last year, as SpaceX dramatically increased its presence in the southern tip of the state. The Tesla CEO said at one point that he thought California had become too “complacent” with respect to its residents and businesses.

Blue states are increasingly unfriendly to businesses. And businesses are starting to say “enough!” This won’t be the last move like this that you’ll hear about.

Don’t believe me? Maybe this will help.


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