23 October, 2021

Math Is Hard

Chris Wallace: Biden’s Zero-Dollar Claim ‘Might Be The Dumbest Spin Line I’ve Ever Heard’ (lifezette.com)

I can’t believe that Fox News’s Chris Wallace, a man who promoted Joe Biden for president joined “The Brian Kilmeade Show” on Thursday, to weigh in on this idiotic Democratic talking point that the president’s Build Back Better agenda “costs zero dollars.”

His response on Brian’s show was not only funny, but many Americans will definitely agree with him.

You voted for this, Chris. You’re a disgrace to the “Chris” name. Winking smile

Yes, it is incredibly stupid. Just because you raise taxes to pay for something doesn’t mean it has no cost. It costs everyone who has to pay for it. Duh!

The problem is that Democrats always play the long game. They’ll actually convince a few nutjobs that this makes sense. And then they’ll go to this well over and over, now that they’ve tried it once. And each time they’ll convince a few more people. In a decade, a majority will actually believe this drivel.

And people like me will continue to shake our heads in disgust.

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