22 October, 2021

“The Rock” Is a James Bond Film?

Interesting. I’d never heard this fan theory before, but apparently it’s all the rage.

The Rock's Wild James Bond Theory Possibly Proven True on Reddit (cbr.com)

This guy thinks he’s proven it.

It’s an interesting video. I watched the whole thing. There are two flaws in his reasoning.

  1. He excludes Never Say Never Again from his analysis because it’s not an EON production like all of the “legitimate” Bond films. Ok, but The Rock isn’t an EON film either. I can let that slide, though.
  2. This problem is worse for him. Another fan theory for ages has always been that “James Bond” is an alias. It’s the alias that goes with the number 007. That’s why we have so many Bonds. They are, in fact, different people. Our videographer rather lazily tosses that theory aside. He shouldn’t do so. In fact, i would say that the rest of his premise depends upon that being true. He shows how the timeline works for the Connery Bond to sync perfectly with what we know about The Rock and even the Bond films themselves. But the timeline doesn’t work if George Lazenby, Roger Moore, et al, are all the same Bond, because they’re out doing their Bond things while John Mason is in prison. It only works if during the period that Mason is in prison, the Bonds out their doing their Bond things isn’t him.

Still, it’s an interesting video, and I am impressed with how he ties everything together.

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