20 October, 2021

We So Wanted to Do the ”Cool” Thing That We Legalized This Druge Before We Really Knew Anything About It

Cannabis users at 'much higher' risk of developing mental health issues (medicalxpress.com)

In fairness, we don’t know which is cause and which is effect here.

In a new study, published in Psychological Medicine, researchers in the University of Birmingham's Institute for Mental Health and the Institute of Applied Health Research found a strong link between general practice recorded cannabis use and mental ill health in one of the largest cohorts ever explored.

Senior author Dr. Clara Humpston said: "Cannabis is often considered to be one of the 'safer' drugs and has also shown promise in medical therapies, leading to calls for it be legalized globally. Although we are unable to establish a direct causal relationship, our findings suggest we should continue to exercise caution since the notion of cannabis being a safe drug may well be mistaken."

Dr. Joht Singh Chandan said: "The research reaffirms the need to ensure a public health approach to recreational drug use continues to be adopted across the UK. We must continue to progress measures to improve the prevention and detection of drug use as well as implement the appropriate supportive measures in an equitable manner to prevent the secondary negative health consequences."

More study is needed. And perhaps more control over the drug.

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