21 October, 2021

Wow, Who Could Have Seen This Coming?

Althouse: "But some Portlanders came to see the demonstrations as a threat to the city’s appeal to tourists and investors."

'Lenders and purchasers have for all intents and purposes blacklisted Portland,' said John Russell, a longtime Portland real estate developer. Dramatic clashes between protesters and law enforcement provided the opportunity for right-wing politicians and media to depict the city as besieged by violent anarchists and, as Donald Trump claimed, 'ablaze all the time.'... Far-right groups had turned the city into a culture war battleground....

Excuse me, “far-right groups had turned the city into a culture war battleground”? Far-right groups?

Sometimes I wish I could live in the liberal universe. Things are so different there. Sorry, but it wasn’t the far-right groups burning the city down. And that’s the reason for your financial woes. Blaming it on the right is blind ignorance. Open your eyes and you might be able to solve the problem.

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