18 October, 2021

The Fact That She Had Ties to Him of Any Kind Shows a Clear Lapse in Judgment

After Affair Allegations, Kristi Noem Cuts Ties With Corey Lewandowski (lifezette.com)

Lewandowski is a scumbag. Noem should know he’s a scumbag. The fact that she couldn’t figure that out makes her lose my respect.

Yesterday, we reported that South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (R) had denied the allegations that she had engaged in a sexual affair with Corey Lewandowski, a former advisor to Donald Trump. Now, Noem has cut all ties to Lewandowski, seemingly trying to distance herself from him even further.

“Corey was always a volunteer, never paid a dime (campaign or official). He will not be advising the Governor in regard to the campaign or official office,” Noem spokesman Ian Fury told Fox News.

Lewandowski had been advising Noem for over a year, traveling with her around the country last fall as she campaigned for Trump. He’s continued traveling with her this year to events across the nation, as well as she began building her 2022 reelection campaign. During that time, Lewandowski introduced her to numerous Republican donors and other rainmakers at GOP gatherings.

I know he’s got contacts and can bring in $$, but still. He’s scum. Don’t associate with scum and you won’t get tarnished by your association.

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