22 October, 2021

Sue Them Out of Existence

This is one area where I’m willing to bring the power of the Federal Government

U.S. govt to sue contractors who hide breach incidents (bleepingcomputer.com)

This is for personal information data breaches, of course. And only if the contractor tries to hide it. The cover-up is far worse than the original failure.

Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco said that the initiative allows the DoJ to pursue government contractors that keep silent about a breach incident or don’t comply with cybersecurity standards.

“Well that changes today. We are announcing today that we will use our civil enforcement tools to pursue companies, those who are government contractors who receive federal funds, when they fail to follow required cybersecurity standards” - Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco

Led by the Civil Division’s Commercial Litigation Branch, Fraud Section, the initiative will use the False Claims Act (FCA), which makes liable anyone who knowingly submits false claims to the government.

A whistleblower provision in the Act allows private parties to identify and pursue fraudulent conduct. Whistleblowers benefit from protection and receive a significant part of any recovered funds.

Good. Burn them to the ground.

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