20 October, 2021

Whoops, We’re Low on Racism Again. Time to DIY Once More

Hate Crime at Missouri School Turns Out to Be Another Hoax – PJ Media

The graffiti was found in the boys’ bathroom at Parkway Central Wednesday, and the same things were scrawled on a bathroom wall at Parkway North: “HOPE ALL BLACK PEOPLE DIE” and “N****R.” The next morning at Parkway Central, according to St. Louis’ KMOV, “over a thousand students and staff walked out of Parkway Central High Schools in solidarity… Parkway Central students, staff and teachers walked out during class to stand in solidarity and asking the administration for change.”

How did the school administration react?

Parkway Central Principal Tim McCarthy, however, was not in the least inclined to sweep the matter under the rug, and appeared anxious to do better. He took immediate action, telling students: “As your building principal, these actions which degrade individuals’ human dignity have no place in school. They have no place at Central High and are antithetical to our core values of respect, integrity and caring.”

Of course. And McCarthy wasn’t finished. He sent a note home to parents informing them that “a serious incident” had taken place: “Racist hate speech was written on bathroom walls at school.” He assured parents, in case any were wondering whether he approved of this, that “this act is an affront to the core values of our community and a serious violation of our discipline code. Please know that we take this offense seriously and will work with district officials to investigate the incident and hold anyone involved accountable for their actions.”


Amid all this affirmation of prevailing pieties, which hardly anyone actually rejects, there was just one catch: on Tuesday, a black student admitted to having scrawled the graffiti at both schools. Marty wrote to parents again, telling them this and saying that he was nevertheless “proud” of the students who protested, for “proactively [leading] walkouts.” He declared: “We remain hurt by the actions of the student, as it does not represent the values of our community.”

PRO TIP: Maybe wait for the facts next time before foaming at the mouth. Might save you from looking like an idiot later.

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