22 October, 2021

Pretty Sure This Is a Direct Assault on His First Amendment Rights

Kentucky Cop Punished For Praying In Front Of Abortion Clinic Sues City | The Daily Wire

A Kentucky police officer who was placed on administrative leave for months over a morning he spent praying outside a Louisville abortion clinic while off-duty is suing both the police department and the city.

Officer Matthew Schrenger filed a federal lawsuit on Monday accusing the city of Louisville and the Louisville Metro Police Department of violating his constitutional and civil rights, including his First Amendment rights.

“A quiet, off-duty prayer, on a public sidewalk, resulted in Schrenger being immediately suspended for over four months, stripped of his police powers, and placed under investigation,” the complaint states.

The suit names Police Chief Erika Shields, the Louisville Metro Police Department, Mayor Greg Fischer, and the City of Louisville, Kentucky as defendants.

Yeah, I would expect this to be settled out of court quickly and quietly. Not sure the defendants have a leg to stand on, and this is something they definitely don’t want to have to defend in public.

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