23 October, 2021

This Makes Perfect Sense Considering the Horrendous Border Crisis

DHS cancels border wall contracts with CBP Laredo, Rio Grande Valley sectors | One America News Network (oann.com)

It’s a perfect time to stop building The Wall!

Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security has continued to reverse the Trump administration’s efforts to secure the southern border through the construction of a border wall. On Friday, the DHS released a statement to announce it was canceling all remaining barrier contracts with the CBP’s Laredo and Rio Grande sectors.

Instead, the agency said it would conduct environmental research on areas where border wall construction did not start.

“Environmental planning activities will cover projects funded with DHS’s Fiscal Year 2018 to 2021 barrier system appropriations where construction had not started,” the statement read.  “These activities include additional biological, cultural, and natural resource surveys for project areas where no data have been previously collected. ”

Of course all of these studies have already been done. There’s no waste like government waste.

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