22 December, 2021

I Guess Crime Doesn’t Pay After All

Jussie Smollett Declared Guilty on 5 of 6 Counts – PJ Media


Actually, I don’t give a rip about Jussie Smollett per se. I just hate hate crime hoaxers. I want them to pay.

Jussie Smollett was found guilty by a jury of his peers of five felony counts out of the six brought against him by the state of Illinois for faking an anti-gay, racist hate crime against himself. Smollett’s outrageous lies alarmed the city of Chicago and the world, and he’s finally facing the music. Smollett hired two brothers to wear red hats and attack him on a city street in the middle of a polar vortex while shouting racial slurs and screaming “This is MAGA country!” in order to make people believe he was attacked by white Trump supporters.

The charges were for disorderly conduct and lying to the police. The next step for Smollett is sentencing, which could send him to prison, but that probably isn’t likely. What’s absolutely sure is that we can stop calling it an “alleged” race hoax. It happened. Twelve people decided that Smollett hoaxed the world.

I disagree with Megan here. I think that prison is likely. However, it might be better for all of us if he doesn’t go to prison. He’ll get a 3 year sentence. Under most current laws, you serve 3 years for every 2, so it’s actually a 2 year sentence. And you get half time off for good behavior, usually. And I’m sure Jussie will be a model incarcerated citizen, so he’ll serve just 1 year.

At the end of that year, he’ll return to society, ready to be an activist again, and the people that amazingly still believe in him, will now think of him as a martyr for the cause, and his visibility and marketability will go up.

So, for the cost of him bring imprisoned for a year, we’ll get saddled with him on TV shouting and whining about something, for the rest of his life.


But as Megan says, at least we can strip the “alleged” from his title and call Jussie what he is, a hate crime hoaxer.

And a jerk.

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