20 December, 2021

What Happened to ”Healthcare Is a Fundamental Human Right”?

IL Dem Proposes That Unvaccinated Pay For Their Own COVID Care – PJ Media

“The vaccine is proven to be the one thing that is stopping the severity of COVID-19, and we are seeing more variants popping up,” Carroll told WCIA. “The experts are telling us, ‘This is now becoming a disease of the unvaccinated.’ The people that are choosing to get vaccinated are not the ones that are clogging up the health care system, it’s the ones that aren’t.”

Punishing sick people to make a political point may be about the most disgusting proposal made during the pandemic. Besides, as we’re finding out, more and more vaccinated people are coming down with breakthrough infections, and an increasing number of those infections are serious.

This is no longer exclusively a “disease of the unvaccinated.”

I thought access to healthcare was a fundamental right? I’m sure I read that somewhere during the Obama Administration.

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