20 December, 2021

Prediction: They Won’t

GOP Congresswoman Tells Woke Corporations Sponsoring Olympics To Call Out China’s Atrocities | The Daily Wire

Rep. Michelle Steel (R-CA) is calling upon the corporate sponsors of the 2022 Winter Olympics to reveal human rights abuses inflicted by the Chinese Communist Party.

I’m glad someone is calling for this, but I doubt it’s going to be successful.

Steel observed that the companies are eager to point out purported social justice issues in the United States. She therefore encouraged executives to do the same with China’s persecution of the Uyghur ethnic minority via “forced sterilizations,” “labor camps,” and “murder.”

Many of the companies who are sponsoring Team USA and the 2022 Winter Olympics felt compelled to speak out over the last year in support of political and social protests. Coca Cola spoke out loudly against laws passed in Georgia. Visa said, “Change starts here” and highlighted their focus on “global acceptance.” Airbnb condemned “racism, bigotry and hate.” But where are your statements against the human rights abuses happening right now in China? How can we support sending our athletes — the best of the best, who have worked so hard for these moments — to a country with a backdrop of abuse and violence?

Ah, but it’s okay for lefties to criticize America. They won’t dare criticize China.

We used to do that sort of thing. We were first in line to scream about human rights abuses around the world. It’s sad. Lefties scream about “greedy capitalists” all the time. And ignore true examples to its. These companies won’t dare criticize China because doing so would cost them too much money

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