20 December, 2021

Maybe You Should Have Considered This in 2020

…when you were voting for a candidate who appeared extremely unlikely to last 4 years.

Majority see Biden out by 2024, fear Harris not ‘qualified’ | Washington Examiner

But no, Trump hatred won out over common sense.

Vice President Kamala Harris can’t get a break.

Recently crushed by reports about staff fleeing her “bullying” management style and a slew of horrible approval rating surveys, Rasmussen Reports said Tuesday that voters are concerned about her taking over for President Joe Biden.

And that matters because the latest poll previewed by Secrets found that by a margin of 49% to 36%, likely voters believe that something will happen to 79-year-old Biden that will result in Harris being elevated to the top job. That includes 41% of Democrats and 45% of independents.

The Rasmussen findings extend a long streak of surveys showing voters concerned about Biden’s health and longevity, though the White House recently said he did well on his latest physical.

So, we have a mentally incompetent President and a Vice President that no one likes, even member of her own party.

Great choice, people.

You voted for this. I hope you learned from it, but I doubt it.

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