20 December, 2021

Wait, Why Are We Evacuating From Ukraine?

After Botched Afghanistan Evacuation, Biden Making Contingency Plans To Evacuate Americans From Ukraine | The Daily Wire

Fresh from the debacle of withdrawing from Afghanistan, where American citizens were left behind in the chaos from the Biden administration’s pullout, a report has emanated that the Biden administration, led by the Pentagon, is making plans to evacuate Americans from Ukraine if needed should the Russians invade their western neighbor. One source told CNN that the Biden administration does not want to be caught “flat-footed” if the Russians invade.

Here’s a thought.

Maybe show some strength and the Russians won’t invade. Then no need to evacuate.

What a pathetically weak administration we have. Clueless Joe is the laughingstock of the world.

You think Putin would be doing this if The Donald were still President? You think China would be openly mocking America?


CNN quoted sources saying that the Pentagon is considering various options, from an evacuation of nonessential US government employees to an evacuation that would also include other American citizens. The decision as to whether to evacuate would be left to the State Department. “Right now some planning is underway by the State Department’s diplomatic security for either an authorized or ordered departure of diplomats from the country should the situation warrant it, a source familiar with the discussions said,” CNN reported.

Gah. What an embarrassment.

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