22 December, 2021

The Death of Women’s Sports, Cont’d

This isn’t even happening in slow motion. It’s real time, right before our eyes.

UPenn transgender swimmer Lia Thomas continues dominant season with more record-breaking wins (nypost.com)

A 22-year-old transgender swimmer at the University of Pennsylvania continued her dominant performance this season — setting numerous pool, meet and program records at a three-day event in Ohio last weekend.

Lia Thomas blew away her competition Friday night in the 500-yard freestyle preliminaries and finals at the Zippy Invitational at the University of Akron, according to results posted by the school.

In the finals, Thomas notched a winning time of 4:34.06 — good enough for a new Ivy League record.

The swimmer continued smashing records on Saturday with a nearly 7-second victory in the 200-yard freestyle with a time of 1:41.93 — representing the fastest finish in the country, the school said.

Over the weekend, Thomas also set a new program, meet and pool record in the 1650-yard freestyle. She finished that race in 15:59.71 — more than 38 seconds ahead of the second-place finisher, teammate Anna Kalandadze

I’ve always suspected that Lia was not entirely supported by her teammates, and I was correct.

‘Secretly Everyone Just Knows It’s The Wrong Thing To Do’: Teammate Of U Penn Transgender Swimmer Sounds Off | The Daily Wire

Thomas’ participation in women’s athletics has drawn the ire of many who see Thomas’ massive victories as unfair. As reported by OutKick, this includes one of Thomas’ female teammates.

According to OutKick, the teammate fears that she will not be able to find employment after college if she shares her honest opinion, choosing instead to remain anonymous as she revealed friction within the team due to Thomas’ presence.

“Pretty much everyone individually has spoken to our coaches about not liking this. Our coach [Mike Schnur] just really likes winning. He’s like most coaches. I think secretly everyone just knows it’s the wrong thing to do,” the female Penn swimmer said during a phone interview.

“When the whole team is together, we have to be like, ‘Oh my gosh, go Lia, that’s great, you’re amazing.’ It’s very fake,” she added.

Sure, no one wants to look like they’re intolerant. But these girls compete to win. They don’t want to lose to someone who is cheating, who has an unfair advantage. Even if that person is on their own team.

All of you supporters of this, what will you say when the 2024 Olympics rolls around and some Communist country bring an entire “women’s team” full of “transgendered females” and they dominate every single sport? While our American women athletes get Silvers and Bronze medals.

It will happen.

Maybe not in 2024, but this isn’t decades away. It’s going to happen. Soon.

“The Ivy League is not a fast league for swimming, so that’s why it’s particularly ridiculous that we could potentially have an NCAA champion. That’s unheard of coming from the Ivy League,” Thomas’ teammate explained.

“On paper, if Lia Thomas gets back down to Will Thomas’ best times, those numbers are female world records. Faster than all the times Katie Ledecky went in college. Faster than any other Olympian you can think of. His times in three events are [female] world records.”


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