22 December, 2021

It Was Never About Healthcare. It Was All About Power.

if it had been about healthcare, there would have been a way found for these people to keep their jobs.

Who Could Have Seen This Coming? Hospitals That Laid Off Unvaccinated Staff Now 'Overwhelmed' – PJ Media

ABC News reports:

In central Massachusetts, the UMass Memorial Health System is, once again, completely overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients.

“We, right now, have more patients in the hospital, overall, than we have had at either of the two peaks previously. You come in one day and you say this is the worst we’ve ever seen it and you come back the next day and it’s even worse. This is very concerning, what’s going on right now,” UMass Memorial Health Care President and CEO Dr. Eric Dickson told during an interview ABC News Wednesday.

Shocking, considering the high vaccination rate in Massachusetts.

According to Dickson, many of the hospitals in the UMass Memorial health care system are currently at-capacity.

“You can’t imagine how exhausted caregivers are right now,” Dickson said. “The biggest challenge for us right now is that our people are extremely, extremely fatigued. This is their third surge over the course of about 20 months, and that’s really taking a toll on them.”

How could this stressful situation have happened? Reading further down in the article, we see:

In addition, compounding its woes, UMass Memorial Health was forced to fire 200 employees last week after they refused to get vaccinated.

I have no further comment.

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