20 December, 2021

Where’s the Outrage Over ”Kids in Cages”?

This was huge, just a year ago. What changed? Oh yeah. That.

‘Unacceptable’: Senate Report Hits HHS Over Children's Shelters (dailysignal.com)

A month after the Senate issued a bipartisan report flagging oversight failures by government contractors that house migrant children, the Biden administration awarded new contracts worth tens of millions of dollars to two of those organizations.

Awarding of the contracts prompted particular concern from Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, ranking member of the Senate Finance Committee.

“The fact that taxpayer money keeps flowing without any guarantee of reforms or commitments to improving facility oversight from [the Department of Health and Human Services] is just unacceptable,” Grassley told The Daily Signal in a statement late Friday.

Kids in cages.

Silence from the media.

Must be a Democrat in the White House.

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