22 December, 2021

Trump Was a Jerk as a President, but His Policies Were Exactly What America Needed

Really, for all his faults (and yes, he has a lot of them), probably the best President of my lifetime. Definitely in the top two.

Nationwide Poll: Voters Miss Trump’s Policies, Think Economy Is Heading In Wrong Direction | The Daily Wire

Voters were asked, “Regardless of how you may feel personally about each man, would you rather continue pursuing Joe Biden’s policies and proposals or return to Donald Trump’s policies and proposals?” According to the survey, 46% said they somewhat or strongly wanted to continue Biden’s policies while 48% said that they somewhat or strongly wanted to return to Trump’s policies.

When asked, “Specifically, would you say that the economy is going in the right direction or headed in the wrong direction?” a whopping 61% of voters said it was going in the “wrong direction.”

That just means that 39% of the country is either crazy or lying or both. Because the economy is absolutely going in the wrong direction. That’s an empirical fact.

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