20 December, 2021

“Disastrous Foreign Policy Record” Is Putting It Kindly

WATCH: Psaki Gets Grilled By NBC News Over Biden’s Disastrous Foreign Policy Record | The Daily Wire

“The withdrawal from Afghanistan over the summer was widely criticized,” NBC News’ Kristen Welker said. “There are increasing tensions with China and Taiwan, and now you have Russian troops amassing on the border with Ukraine. Candidate Biden campaigned on a pledge to restore America’s credibility on the world stage on his foreign policy experience. Is he living up to that pledge?”

“Well, Kristen, he also campaigned on a promise to bring an end to a 20-year war that should have ended 10 years ago and to bring our troops home, and not to send another son, grandson, granddaughter, or daughter into a war that the Afghans aren’t willing to fight themselves,” Psaki snapped back, ignoring that tens of thousands of Afghan nationals died in the fight for their country. “He also pledged to stand up for democracy and pledged to stand up for countries like Ukraine and their territorial integrity. And that’s something that he is standing up for and vocally doing now, and raising concerns he has about the bellicose rhetoric and the military buildup.”

That’s a long list of things that Biden “pledged to stand up for”. And if he was keeping those pledges, he wouldn’t have a “disastrous foreign policy record”.

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