20 December, 2021

And How Many Zeros Would You Like in Your Lawsuit?

California School Bribes Boy to Get COVID Vaccine and Not Tell His Parents – PJ Media

A 13-year-old boy was bribed with pizza from his school to get a COVID-19 vaccine without parental consent, reports NBC Los Angeles. According to the report, the school not only gave the minor child the vaccine without parental consent but instructed the boy not to tell his parents.

The boy, a student at the aptly named Barack Obama Global Prep Academy in South Los Angeles, came home with a vaccine card and told his mother he accepted the shot after being offered free pizza.

Kids aren’t good at keeping secrets.

Maybe you should consider that before you start violating their rights and the rights of their parents.

In this situation, I’d be on the phone with my attorney faster than you can blink. And I’d be asking him how many zeros I could put in the damage figure for my lawsuit. I’d ask if 8 zeros were too many.

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