22 December, 2021

In Fairness to Joe, He Probably Thinks It’s True

President Biden Tells Embellished Amtrak Tale For The Sixth Time In Less Than A Year (lifezette.com)

Speaking in Kansas City, Missouri, President Biden said, “I remember one day as vice president, the government keeps fastidious records of how many miles you travel on government planes. And so there’s a big headline, ‘Biden travels,’ I forget what it was, ‘a million miles on Air Force Two’ and so on and so forth.” He continued, “And I was getting on the train to go home. I was going home to see my mom who was sick. And one of the conductors I’ve known for years walked up and grins, he said, ‘Joey baby,’ grabbed my cheek. Not a joke. And I thought that he was going to get shot. True story.”

Luckily, no action was taken as Biden added, “I said, ‘No, no, it’s OK. We’ve known each other.’ He says, ‘Joey. Big deal. A million miles’ — or whatever it was — ‘a million miles on Air Force Two. Come on, Joey, do you know how many miles you traveled on Amtrak?’ I said no.” He would then reveal, “36 years, 119 days a year back and forth, then as vice presidents we figure you’ve done X number of trips and that adds up to 1,200,000 miles on Amtrak.’”

Only one problem. Well, two, actually.

The conductor in question retired 15 years before Clueless Joe became VP. And died before this “million miles” mark was announced.

But in all fairness to Joe, he probably really thinks this is true.

He probably thinks inflation is not a problem and neither is China, too.

You voted for this.


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