11 April, 2021

More Of What They’re Hiding

BREAKING: Project Veritas video reveals makeshift migrant detention facility under BRIDGE | The Post Millennial

Watch the video. Try not to be sick.

The video footage shows migrants, including children, living outdoors in an open-air holding facility where they are separated by makeshift fences. The migrants can be seen sleeping on the dirt ground with space blankets for warmth.

The facility is located underneath the Anzalduas International Bridge, which connects the United States to Mexico.

According to a Project Veritas press release, "[these] corrosive conditions continue to create instability at the Southern Border; however, the Biden Administration has consistently responded to the issue by denying a crisis exists."

Well, I’d call it a crisis. If the President can’t or won’t do anything about this, then he needs to resign.

This is horrible. I can’t believe we would let this happen in America.

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