17 October, 2021

Kavanaugh Is Clean. Period. Full Stop.

Mother Jones to the Left: Stop Jonesing About Brett Kavanaugh | Power Line (powerlineblog.com)

From the article:

The idea that Brett Kavanaugh has taken bribes to sustain his country club lifestyle is one of the hardiest conspiracy theories on the political left. And like most conspiracy theories, this one suffers from some internal logic problems. Yet lots of otherwise smart people who see conspiracy theories as solely a scourge of the right seem to believe[.]

And later:

[T]here is no mystery there. Kavanaugh has, however obliquely, answered the questions to which liberals have demanded answers. Just because he hasn’t publicly disclosed—and isn’t required to produce—tax returns or other documentation revealing all the secrets of his wealth doesn’t mean that Kavanaugh has taken bribes. It also doesn’t square with what we know about him or about the way the federal judiciary works.

And this is all from the lefty Mother Jones.

Maybe people will eventually leave the guy alone. He and his family have suffered quite enough.

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