13 March, 2021

Biden Justice Department Opposes Free Speech

That’s not my opinion. That’s theirs!

Biden Justice Department Sides Against Free Speech Advocates in Big First Amendment Case – Reason.com

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments later this term in a case that pits free speech advocates against public school officials who seek to punish students for certain off-campus social media posts. Last week, the Biden Justice Department entered the fray with an amicus brief that opposes the free speech side.

Well, why should the government be on the side of a pesky annoying thing like Freedom of Speech. It’s only…*checkiung*…oh yeah, here it is. It’s the FIRST FREAKING AMENDMENT TO THE U.S. CONSTITUTION.

B.L.'s legal team argued in a court filing, "B.L. swore in expressing her disappointment at not making the varsity team to her friends. The notion that a school can discipline a student for that kind of spontaneous, non-threatening, non-harassing expression is contrary to our First Amendment tradition, and finds no support in [the Supreme Court's] student speech cases."

Well, that seems pretty straightforward. And the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals agreed. So, it’s not just that the DoJ is jumping in on a case on the wrong side. It wants SCOTUS to overturn a lower court ruling in favor of free speech!

80 million of you voted for this.


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